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  • I think some of them have a tendency towards hot take angst. They feel pressure to pull spicy opinions out their asses.

    Only one I’ve seen be mostly unaffected by this os Kraut, and that’s mostly because he’s just taken for granted until recently that all his vids were gonna be demonetized and has a day job instead of making his living solely off clicks.

    Well him and Historia Civilis if you wanna split hairs on how much history commentary should be considered political commentary in the same way as punditry, that and HC is by no means shy sharing his opinions on the political matters which do arise in his videos, especially recently, he doesn’t like clocks.

  • Strangely, this reminds me of this manga set in a megalopolis, and when the MC reaches what is assumed to be the roof of the super structure, he meets someone who explains that they aren’t looking at a night sky, but rather at a ceiling that’s far enough away to be difficult for human eyes to discern, how far away is that, coincidentally this gap between the “roof” and the “sky” is about the width of the planet Jupiter.

    Guy literally has to use a telescope to be able to track stuff happening on the other side.

  • No, the point remains though that the rules of their universe would be connected to the rules of ours. The simulation designer would not be creative enough to design a universe that didn’t fall somewhere on the spectrum of having a complete inversion of the rules of their universe or having an exact copy of the rules of their universe.

    The design of ours is constrained by the context which the designer is starting from, because there are natural limits to what would be conceivable even to the denizen of a universe completely different from our own in its make.

    We can’t infer the rules directly from this information, but we can draw conclusions about what they wouldn’t be.

    Like determining the inputs of a function by reversing operations and using the outputs of the original as the inputs for that…only a lot less exact because universal rules aren’t (always) numbers.

  • Horse Race reporting, it’s literally all the mainstream has to say people are concerned about because his performance actually holds up when you check the stats.

    But if you dare say that people are literally being manipulated into thinking he’s worse than he is you’re “not understanding the median voter’s struggles”

    We need to force the sale of news corporations to the journalists so this profit maxxing bothsidesifying shit can go the way of the dodo.

  • Yeah no you brought that shit on yourself.

    • First of all, trans women actually show lower T levels than cis women because they’re literally taking medicine that blocks its production, and yes, cis women do produce testosterone too, just not from testicles. So whatever nonse you think you’re able to clock trans women with, you’re probably accusing cis women and being a real douche about it too.

    • Second, dead naming is genuinely just a dick thing to do even outside the presence of the person in question, because you’re fundamentally saying that you care so little for someone that you’re not even going to respect their preferred form of being addressed, which like, why would ya go out of your way to be that asshole. You’re being that guy who insists on calling Tim Timothy all the time, why would you be doing that except to get under Tim’s skin? Stop being that guy and just call him Tim like a normal person who doesn’t need to have basic manners and zero effort good human behavior explained to them.

    • Third, so you’re admitting outright you broke community rules and are still thinking the post in question being removed is unfair? I’m not normally a fan of powermodding but bro that’s not an excuse to be mad that you faced consequences for breaking the rules in broad daylight.