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  • I think both are true. We are more interested in inclusivity today, and that is a good thing! But it’s also true that certain currents in our society have reacted to that like an immune system to a foreign body. Things that were benign previously become objects of irritation and anger as one of the ‘outsiders’ even if it’s no different than the long-established and beloved things.

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    The only reason you care is because you’ve been conditioned to attack anything that could harm your income-potential.

    My ‘favorite’ is the argument that replacing jobs is what technology is meant to do.

    This isn’t just a job. If I won the lotto tomorrow, if I had billions and billions of dollars and never had to make another cent in my life, I would still be writing. Art is not just a production, it is a form of communication, between artist and audience, even if you never see them.

    Writing has always been something like tossing a message in a bottle into a sea of bottles and hoping someone reads it. Even if the arguments that AI can never replace human writing in terms of quality is true, we’re still drowned out by the noise of it.

    It really revs up the ol’ doomer instinct in me.