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  • I believe they are relatively hard to move, but I’m not a solar expert by any stretch (though it’s a different story when it comes to soil).

    Somewhat related: putting panels on reclaimed tailings ponds or waste rock dumps is a good idea, in that usually these have an engineered cover (rock/soil/LDPE) That limits rooting depth (don’t want plants reaching what we are trying to protect [toxic waste]) so we plant grasses and shit rather than trees. Grasses + panels is the best of both cover stability and green energy

  • Fucking preach.

    Jack Layton’s death set the NDP back decades. I don’t despise Singh, but he’s got the personality of a potato. PP is bat shit crazy, and a fucking snake. Trudeau is inept.

    I’m pretty left leaning: I align with a lot of NDP principles, but dislike their approach and delivery, so I default to liberal.

    It’d be nice to have some decent candidates, not this microcosm of the race to the bottom the US is having.

  • While you’re right, in that predators won’t sit there, doing their best to get on Season 8 of My 600-lb life, they definitely exploit linear corridors like this if they aren’t properly constructed. Transmission lines, for instance, can be really gnarly for ungulates. Both predators and prey are smart. For predators, if there’s an easy meal to be had, they’ll continue to over-use this feature on the landscape, rather than the rest of their habitat (why cook, when you can order in?). This in and of itself is an impact on the natural ecosystem, and something we try to avoid, when the goal is ‘no impact’ or ‘as close to no impact as possible’.

    From a prey standpoint, if you see Jim-Bob getting ripped apart by wolves, or got chased by pack of hungry wolves, you’d be pretty hesitant to use that feature again, now wouldn’t you? In this regard, not properly designing these things can essentially render them useless to ungulates and the like, and prevent the re-connection of the two polygons (areas) we’re trying to connect.