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  • Just an addendum for clarification. If you don’t want clarification, then yes: A slower connection may cause more battery drain.

    A slower connection means you would need to be on your device longer which would result in a larger than normal perceived battery drain with normal use.

    An unstable connection with lots of packet losses would cause chaos with the network stack on your phone leading to more memory consumption, unneeded encryption/decryption and possibly hung TCP sessions. That would be a battery suck. In the worst cases on older devices, could even cause your phone to get a little warmer. That gets worse if you VPN client has to constantly reconnect, which is another problem.

  • Apps are huge and compilers optimize the fuck out of the code. Code optimization doesn’t always make sense so you need to have a detailed understanding of which compilers were used. There could be hundreds of libraries involved or even layers of obfuscation in some cases. Loops can be unwrapped, or other bits of code optimized for specific architectures. Some of the logic won’t appear logical.

    Disassemblers can do a decent job converting code back to C/C++, but even then, you have to go through the code line by line converting function names and variable names back to something that can be referenced later as a meaningful name.

    You aren’t wrong: All the code is there. It’s just a matter of putting all the human readable references back into anything you disassembled.

    Waaaay back in the day, we could tear apps apart easily if they were small. There were only a few flavors of assembly and compilers were still fairly basic for what they were. Regardless, it wasn’t a small task.

    I played around with cracking for a while just to learn about it and honestly, it was kinda easy before everything was offloaded to “the cloud”. It’s just a matter of tracing execution and finding a few critical comparisons or jumps to alter. Even then, it could take me a day or two just to walk through what was basically one or two functions.

  • I can’t find a source personally but there seems to be a bit of internet controversy on the subject.

    A clip from TikTok said it was a secret signal for having syphilis. We can discount that just because of the source.

    It could be from Rome or Europe, for reasons ranging from cleanliness to small hot cups.

    Eesh. The Internet is useless these days.