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  • Democrats will continue to give sternly worded remarks all the way up to their appointment with the gallows, so brave!

    When They Go Low, We Go Die

    Chapter 3

    Marjorie smiled with great satisfaction as she looked at the crowd and began to check the rifle in her arms to make sure there was a round in the chamber.

    2 men with giant beer guts - who each wore different flavors of Punisher-style skull masks and were covered head to toe in pointlessly elaborate tactical surplus gear as if they were cosplaying their favorite Call of Duty characters - began dragging another elderly man up to the makeshift platform.

    The white-haired old man was dressed in a finely tailored dark blue suit with a little American flag lapel pin next to his tie. It looked so similar to the one that so many others in his cohort had adorned for probably the last 20 or so years, but he had been blindfolded by the men before being brought before the stage so he couldn’t see how many others still wore it or who had switched to the golden lion that… “the others…” now wore exclusively.

    The octogenarian ghost of a man feebly began to speak (not shout) loudly in protest as if trying to reason with whomever might be in charge, but the 2 pig-like men grinned and said nothing. They began tying his hands behind him against a wooden pole covered with small holes, indentations and spatters of red. As the grinning pigs both stepped away from the geriatric man secured to the pole, the mob just below him roared with wild bloodlust over his inaudible words drowning them out over and over again with : “USA! USA! USA! USA!”

    Marjorie laughed and took one hand away from the rifle to quiet the crowd so they could hear the old man’s words :

    “Point of order, Mr. Chairman! Point of order! I’m reclaiming my time! I’d like the gentle-lady to put down the firearm she just picked up, Mr. Ch-”

    …he was cut off with a loud and sudden BANG as he slumped into a dark puddle of red slowly expanding across the stage floor.

    The crowd roared and resumed its repeated chant…

    …and another blindfolded well-dressed elderly figure was walked up to the pole.

    Quoting the entire comment you’re replying to is kinda redundant

  • It’s not really a feeling of being in the wrong body, at least for most people. It’s about what makes you feel comfortable and what gives you confidence.

    For me, what makes me feel comfortable and confident is training my voice, wearing more feminine clothes, painting my nails, doing my hair… Being pretty is what I want for me, and what “made me make the switch” was accepting that repressing that part of me isn’t good and won’t make me happy.

  • If you like the older Pokemon games and can get the ROMs on your phone, PokeMMO is really cool. It’s an emulator that turns the first 5 generations of games into an MMO where you can take the same character across each region.

    There’s a handful of changes to the base game, but most are small: Berry farming is changed, there’s an Exp Share for EVs now, Sweet Scent is used to summon a 1v5 against wild Pokemon… There’s character customization… There’s some QoL stuff like shiny encounters having a sound effect and adding a confirmation box so you don’t accidentally flee, and the stats page for your Pokemon is way more detailed.

  • Games are about entertainment. They’re not a career.

    They’re all skills that you have to develop, and things people do because they like doing them. And if you’re not willing to learn to develop those skills, you won’t be able to participate.

    Zelda games aren’t gatekeeping me when I die a lot and they don’t give me more health. Portal 2 isn’t gatekeeping me when I can’t solve the puzzles and they won’t give me the answers. Undertale isn’t gatekeeping me because I’m bad at bullet hells and they won’t slow down time for me. The whole point of the game is to develop a skill and overcome a challenge.

    I already named several mechanics Elden Ring gives you to deal with the difficulty, and engaging with them is what the game is about. It can be as easy or as hard as you make it. If you choose not to utilize those options, that’s your prerogative.