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  • I’m not holding my breath for a change in the hegemony over the world towards Russia or China to be any better. I’m not pretending that an 80 year U.S. imperialism has been anything tolerable, either. This is unlike the Biden vs Trump situation, too. When the alluded damage reduction has been the primary damage creation source with such an intensity to create whole regions and families of militant and/or terrorist organizations directly and uncontrollably terrorizing common people, one might wonder if a monolithical state apparatus can be tried as an option for the common folk than a democracy for the privileged.

    In before “tankie” screamed at me, check the start of the paragraph again. All I’m saying is that the PTSD soldier turned cop in your analogue may be keeping the other bullies in line, but is also leading to the creation of more bullies all the while doing the bullying themselves. It is not a floodgate, either. It is another obstacle in the lava of evil that causes the lava to flow from a different channel, not leading to any more further than the other channels while putting a blockade on them.