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  • I was with you for the first half. And I also agree that people who sexualize animals are horrible. As do 99% of furries. But then, I’d say that 99% of the population in general is against it.

    The furry community takes strong stance overall against sexualizing and abusing animals. I’ve never personally seen a circle or group where it’s tolerated. Not to say that it doesn’t exist anywhere, but just that it’s not something you’re likely to find without looking for it.

  • I consider myself staunchly antinatalist. Almost nobody I see in the world day-to-day should have children. Hell, working in retail I’ve come to understand how few people deserve life in general. And then those shitty people have shitty kids.

    But I feel like I love as deeply as I hate. When I do meet actually decent people, it makes me feel very happy. It’s just not often enough.