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  • It’s & - ampersand aka “and per se and”. The article also mentions these:

    lost letters include thorn (þ) – a soft “th” sound – and Wynn (ƿ), which was replaced by “uu”, before this was superseded by “w”. Ethel (Œ) – pronounced like the “oi” in “oil” – has also been lost, in favor of using vowel combinations to get the same job done. Yogh (ȝ) was briefly a way to denote the “ch” sounds, as found at the end of “loch”, but was soon abandoned, and the specific sound it denotes rarely used in English anymore.

  • I’m pretty tolerant of most foods but Brussels sprouts are disgusting. It’s one of the dozen or so foods I dislike, and despite trying every couple years, they’ve never caught on for me. They remind me of cabbage which is another one of the dozen. Oddly, I really enjoy fermented cabbage be it sauerkraut or kimchi. Cauliflower is decent but I’ll agree it’s pretty bland at best.