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  • In 2020, Kripke told fans that his “rough idea” for The Boys was “five seasons total,” acknowledging at the time, “But I also know better than to say how many seasons a show is gonna have.” Kripke’s last show Supernatural lasted for 15 seasons.

    Interesting parallel since supernatural was also supposed to be 5 seasons with the narrative arc all neatly wrapped up. Then they changed their mind and dragged the dead body of the show against the pavement for another 10 seasons.

  • Walkthrough how to solve a complex non-linear differential equation step-by-step. Each step should be incorrect and as you explain it you remove an item of clothing. Once you have no more clothes, for the next step you pour a glass of seemingly-milk from a labelless container. The glass sits there while you do another step and then you drink it and say “that’s good goat sperm”. Before you finish the equation, a doorbell rings. You go over to the front door, open it, and retrieve a package. As the camera follows you we can subtly see the sky is green. You place the package on a table and finish explaining the equation. After you’re done you open the package; it’s revealed to be a rubber mask of a politician of your choice. You say “it’s time to save our country” and put it on. The final shot is of you leaving the house. Give the film a French name.

  • Mastodon and lemmy handle this in slightly different ways. Mastodon (according to the link) replicates media on every instance while lemmy (mostly) only replicates thumbnails. That means a popular post doesn’t cause load for one server on mastodon but does on lemmy. But Mastodon has a higher aggregate cost due to all the replicated data, which is what the linked proposal solves by making it sublinear.

    If the torrent is instance to instance I don’t see any real benefit (and instance to client is infeasible). On Mastodon side you still have data duplication driving storage costs and bandwidth usage regardless of whether it’s delivered via direct http or torrent. On the lemmy side it wouldn’t gain much (asymmetric load is based on subscription count and so not very bursty) but would add a lot of non-determinism and complexity to the already fragile federation process.

    Conventional solutions like cache/CDN/Object Storage or switching to a shared hosting solution (decoupled from instances like your link proposes) seems like a more feasible way to address things.

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    Ah it’s a setting for Text To Speech functionality. Guess they replaced there being just a male and a female voice with there being a list of different voices each identified by a name.