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  • I watched the show involuntarily at first but it was alright after some getting used to.

    My 2 cents:

    • Finland should have been top 5 minimum
    • Ireland should have been top 3
    • I would have been okay with ‘Baby Lasagna’ to win as well

    Many artists were quite interesting, queer and political - which was not something I had expected. It was a pleasure to watch with a queer poly kinky bubble :D

  • I use i3 on a thinkpad p50 with hybrid graphics (Intel + nvidia). Works sort of stable if I force the use of the dedicated card, but I’m getting like 1,5h of battery.

    Video acceleration seems to work most of the times, but for a few weeks I have problems with picom freezing my screen, capping fps in games and video. Any ideas? It took me hours to have it running sort of smooth, so I’m hesitant to try out sway and ruin my daily setup

  • Some of them are not underrated, but I’d just share my favorites…

    • AntennaPod for podcasts.
    • Aurora Store if you need some Google apps to be updated.
    • Binary Eye is a nice and slim qr code scanner and generator.
    • CriticalMaps is a good tool if you’re into critical mass events.
    • GadgetBridge can be a companion app for your smartwatch (if you have the right one).
    • GPS logger just logs your position in an interval you can set. I use it to track my movement in 30min bits.
    • GymRoutines is a privacy friendly gym exercise app with a database of your progress.
    • K9 mail (soon to be rebranded as Thunderbird mobile) is a powerful mail app.
    • KeePassDX is an android password manager compatible with keepass files.
    • LibreTorrent is a nice way to torrent your favorite linux distros while on the go.
    • Location Map Viewer I use with the gpx files I get from GPS logger to visualize my movements.
    • mpv just plays a lot of media without being a bloated thing like vlc. I use mpv for videos, vlc for music.
    • NewPipeSponsorblock is available in a custom repo only.
    • Ning is a nice way to get an overview over a local network.
    • OpenTracks can be used in combination with GadgetBridge to record your sports with gps.
    • OSMand gives you a frontend for using openstreetmap with offline maps, navigation and more.
    • PDF Doc Scan is my way to digitalize important letters as a pdf on the go.
    • StreetComplete is a gamificated way to fill in missing things in openstreetmap. it’s fun.
    • Syncthing-Fork (important to use the fork) is a file sync tool I use to backup a lot of my phones folders to a pc.
    • Tusky is my favorite way to browse mastodon.
    • VLC is a powerful media player (I then use only to shuffle through my mp3s).